Thursday, February 14, 2013

Google 'Flaw' Puts Users' Details on Display

A friend recently shared this article with me, entitled "Google 'flaw' puts users' details on display" which was posted at It basically trashes on Google for sharing your personal info with the app developers from which you purchase apps. First of all, the last time I bought something at +Lowe's Home Improvement and used self-checkout I had a camera staring me in the face the whole time. The last time I ordered something from, I gave them all my personal contact info. An app market mining your info shouldn't be surprising either.. after all you are still a customer buying a product.
That being said, this may be concerning if Google users weren't already used to giving up privacy in return for services. As soon as you signed up for that first Gmail account, you were on board whether you knew it or not. Nothing privacy related should come as a surprise at this point when it comes to Google or any other company. Every time these types of articles pick up steam the biggest shock to me is that people still think this is news. Ever since you plugged your computer into the internet, you were done...

I was shocked the first time I setup a years ago and had to provide personal info including address and phone number to register the computer before using it. Remember the iPad/iPhone setup process (assuming some Apple employee didn't do it for you)? You gave your life story standing there in the Apple Store or at the cell provider just to get setup. It is nothing new.
If you want full privacy, throw away your phone and pull the plug on your internet connection. Otherwise, be prepared to have your identity and everything about you mined by every company out there... especially the ones that provide the services you use every day. If you still get squirmy thinking about Google 'spying' on you when you use services like +Gmail, +Google, and +Google Maps I hate to think of your reaction to the news of Intel's new Internet-TV Set-Top Box which is on its way to market. +Intel will be deploying it with a camera that recognizes you and learns everything it can about you... it is a TV that watches you!
In summary, if you still get unsettled over privacy, Google, the internet, and so on, I don't blame you. I am just saying I waved the white flag a long time ago and in return fully embraced the wave of resulting technology. My advice to you: consider waving the white flag or face the fact that you will be left in the dark ages until you get on board. I doubt this culture of personalized technology is going to slow down any time soon!