Tuesday, April 30, 2013

How to Temporarily Unroot Your Android

I previously posted about Flixster not allowing me to watch my Ultraviolet Digital Copy of Dredd since my Galaxy S3 was rooted (CM10.1). I have since seen lots more complaints about apps that block rooted Android phones. Most of these apps have to do with digital media, so the anti-root lockdown isn't surprising... even if it doesn't really make sense. The debate as to why a rooted Android would be blocked from using a specific app is immaterial. The fact is, Android root blocking apps exist and there is something you can do!

It is actually a simple and awesome app called OTA Rootkeeper, by none other than Project Voodoo. The techno-wonder that brought you Voodoo Sound and many other great Android utilities and apps. OTA Rootkeeper allows you to 'unroot' your Android temporarily. It backs up your 'root' and stores it away for safekeeping until you need to go back to using root-required apps like Titanium Backup and Root ExplorerOTA Rootkeeper keeps your phone 'unrooted' as long as you need to use stingy anti-root apps like Flixster, but can restore root on command to set everything back to normal again!

Using OTA Rootkeeper is a very simple 3-step process, though be sure to read all the warnings.... it is not compatible with all Androids and configurations. I am running is on a Galaxy S3 CM10.1.

  1. BACKUP ROOT: Launch the App, give it Superuser permissions and tap 'Protect root'
  2. UNROOT: Tap 'Temp un-root (keeps backup)'
  3. RESTORE ROOT: Tap 'Restore root'

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