Saturday, May 11, 2013

Using Multiple Google Accounts with Chrome

Google Chrome's ability to keep your history, bookmarks, passwords, and even tabs in sync across devices is awesome, but what happens when you bookmark a great new article for work and you are on your personal computer logged in to your personal Google account? You get to work the next day and have to sign out of your work Google account in Chrome and sign in to your personal Google account which is time consuming and too much trouble. What if you could take your work Chrome browser home with you and have access to your personal Chrome browser at work? It would be amazing right?

Well, it is possible and it truly is amazing. Imagine RDP'ing into your work computer just to access a saved login and bookmark... forget it! Now you can just switch Google accounts and Chrome and you are practically on your work computer using your work browser. How is it done? Pretty easily actually!

To setup and switch between multiple Google Account on Google Chrome:
  1. Login to Chrome with Google Account A.
  2. Click the Options/Tools/Settings icon Chrome menu.
  3. Click 'Add New User' under the 'Users' heading.
  4. Login with Google Account B.
  5. Click Google Account B in your User list and click 'Edit' to set a custom icon and account name.

  6. Switch back to Google Account A by clicking the (newly appearing) icon in the top left corner of Chrome and selecting Google Account A.
  7. Go back to the User settings and click on Google Account A and then 'Edit' to change the icon and account name, just like Step 5.

  8. You can now easily switch between accounts by clicking the icon at the top left corner of Chrome.
  1. You cannot have multiple accounts open in the same window. Each account must have a dedicated window.
  2. You cannot drag tabs between Chrome windows that are logged in on different accounts.

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