Thursday, October 24, 2013

Google Music Adds "I'm Feeling Lucky Mix" Automatic Playlist

Tired of Pandora and iTunes Radio playing the same songs over and over, no matter what station you listen to? That's why you listen to Google Music right? That's the case with me.

Personally, I love Google Music.... everything about it actually. Though I admit I have been waiting for a more automated way of listening. Instant Mixes are great, but are still too 'dictated' by me so they can grow stale. That is all changing as Google Music's new "I'm Feeling Lucky Mix" has added some new excitement to listening habits.

Login to Google Music and you'll see this:
Click the magic "I'm Feeling Lucky Mix" button and, based on my experience so far, you won't be disappointed. You can expect songs that match your listening preferences, not just a long list of songs from your most played playlists or a bunch of songs you've "thumbs up'ed" like previous attempts at this sort of thing may have you expecting. You can also expect the mix to be very diverse across all genres which makes it more interesting.

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