Thursday, December 18, 2014

Charles Maier Carbon Fiber Wallet Review, 1 Year Later

Last Christmas I received a Carbon Fiber Wallet by Charles Maier much to my excitement. Carbon fiber has gone from an industrial, aerospace, and motorsports exclusive to a fashion statement and Charles Maier is the best of the best in that respect. When I found out Charles Maier was releasing a line up of handmade Italian leather wallets and bags with real high quality carbon fiber integrated into the design, I was intrigued to see them since I have seen lots of low quality and imitation carbon fiber goods in the past.

When I received the wallet a year ago, I was immediately impressed with the quality and workmanship. The wallet looked as good in real life as it does in the photos on the Charles Maier site. The leather took a little breaking in, but everything fit perfectly in the wallet. Since then, I've used the wallet daily and it has not stretched, cracked, or degraded in any way. It still holds my cards firmly and the carbon fiber still looks as glossy as the day I got it. I even accidentally put the wallet in the wash with my pants for a few minutes and it came out unscathed. The Charles Maier carbon fiber wallet is perfect for anyone into motorsports, technology, fashion or luxury.

Here are real life pictures of my Charles Maier carbon fiber wallet after one year of daily use. If you are thinking of investing in a wallet that will not only make a statement about you but also hold up to daily use, this is the right wallet for you. Most other wallets I've had fall apart after about a year and the rugged wallets I've had are just ugly and made of unappealing materials. The Charles Maier wallet is made of high quality leather, high quality carbon fiber, and lasts.

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