Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Ebates First 30 Days Review

Of course I had heard of Ebates, but I had never actually tried Ebates until 30 days ago as per the recommendation of a friend. This is my 30 day review.

The main reason I had never tried Ebates before is because the idea of coupon sites, comparison sites, and deal sites has become quite lackluster to me over the years. I thought Ebates was the same as the rest. I thought I could just assume Ebates was another comparison engine, posting coupons and deals just like the rest. Boy was I wrong...

My first experience with Ebates was great. I signed up, saw a promo for a $10 gift card after first $25 purchase and proceeded to order a laptop battery from Newegg. I would have ordered the battery from Newegg anyway, but now I was getting cashback and a $10 WalMart gift card just for clicking through from Ebates first. Sure enough, the cashback showed up in my account and my gift card was processed... not immediately of course, but ultimately it happened without any strings attached and without any intervention required. I have a $10 WalMart gift card on the way to me right now.

The first Ebates experience was good enough that I installed their chrome extension. Since then, I have made a couple more online purchases and received cashback. My cashback balance reached $5.33 in the first 30 days. I thought there was surely some strict threshold required before they would cut me a check, but I have a $5.33 check on the way as of today. Again, no strings attached and no intervention required.

Now that I've had a successful first month and Ebates has proven to be non-disruptive and practically automatic, I will certainly continue to use them. I have actually started looking for coupons again since Ebates makes that super easy as well. Further, I am considering some larger purchases I would have not otherwise considered due to 6% cashback and readily-available coupons via Ebates.

I highly recommend getting on board with Ebates. It is free and supports Facebook and Google login to make it even easier. Login and in 1-2 clicks you'll be on your favorite ecommerce store as always, but this time you'll be earning no-strings-attached cashback via Ebates.

If you're ready to sign up for Ebates now, click here to get started.

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