Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Size Matters: iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy Note II

Three hot new phones this season are the iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3, and Samsung Galaxy Note II. I personally have a Galaxy S3 and love it. The screen is 4.8" and is a nice improvement over my Galaxy S/Captivate. However, the S3 is just the middle road... the real players in the size-off are the relatively tiny iPhone 5 and the monstrous Samsung Galaxy Note II. If you want a cutting edge phone, the size alone may help you decide.

The iPhone 5 has few selling points over the previous model other than the increased size. However, it is still very small. It looks about the size of a Wal-Mart brand ice cream sandwich at a flat 4". The Samsung Galaxy Note II has a number of selling points such as a quad core CPU, the s-pen, and multi-window operation, but the real stand-out here is size at a whopping 5.5". It is no ice cream sandwich in size, it is more like a sub sandwich. Just check out the difference. It is more than 25% larger than the iPhone 5. Is it too big to be usable? While the iPhone 5 is still 'phone-size,' the Galaxy Note II is 'phablet-size' for sure.

Maybe we have reached the point that it makes sense to be fitted for a phone prior to purchase? Can you palm a basketball? If not, you should probably avoid the Galaxy Note II and go for the iPhone 5. However, if you find knock-off ice cream sandwiches annoyingly small, you should probably skip the iPhone 5 and go for the Galaxy S3.

Just check out the iPhone 4s compared to the Galaxy Note II!