Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Get Notified of Google+ Posts Important to You!

Have you caught yourself logging on to Google+ only to notice a friend or business has posted something you would have otherwise completely missed?

Now you can stay on top of the posts from users of your choice by getting notifications from Google+. How? Well, it isn't the most straightforward option to get to via Google+, in fact I don't even know if you can. Instead, you have to access to settings for this directly at the URL below.

When I say you'll get notifications, I mean you not only get emails, but you also will get Android notifications on your Android smartphone. This is a nice touch.

Before you do this, be sure and create a circle like "VIP" or "Important" that you can use for receiving notifications of every post. You certainly want to be able to manage this before your email gets flooded uncontrollably.

All that being said, simply visit https://plus.google.com/up/subscribe to turn notifications on for the Circle(s) of your choosing. Add me while you're at it ;-) +Robert Waddell

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