Tuesday, January 8, 2013

How to Watch UltraViolet Digital Copy Movies on Your Android

So you just bought a new DVD or Blu-Ray and it includes a Digital Copy/UltraViolet copy... what does that mean? First of all, Digital Copy refers to a digital version you can unlock to watch via iCloud/iTunes... basically for Apple people. Since we are talking about Android, that is not what we are trying to achieve... that is where UltraViolet comes in.

If you unlock the UltraViolet version of the movie, you'll be able to watch it via Vudu (WalMart's media streaming service) which is accessible via your computer/PS3/blu-ray player/smart tv/etc. Unfortunately, Vudu's Android app is not supported across all Android devices. It also has some performance drawbacks (currently at least). The alternative? Watch your UltraViolet copy via Flixster for Android. Flixster is a free app and it can tie to your UltraViolet account to access the digital movies you've unlocked. It won't allow you to stream if you're on a rooted device, so you'll either need to be on a non-rooted Android phone or use something like OTA RootKeeper (as described here and at your own discretion).

Another thing to note is that when you buy a DVD or Blu-Ray with Digital Copy/UltraViolet, you'll have to choose one or the other. You can't access both digital versions and you can only redeem the code once. Apple's Digital Copy is only usable via iTunes/iCloud which greatly limits the devices it can be used on. UltraViolet can be used on many more devices (including Apple products), therefore being more flexible and my suggestion.

Here is a screenshot of my Samsung Galaxy S3 playing the UltraViolet copy of "Dredd" (released today!) via Flixster. The performance has been perfect!